Ubuntu – I can’t get suspend, hibernate and shutdown to work in Ubuntu 12.04


I recently built a computer with these specs: Asus Motherboard, Intel i3 3.3 GHz dual processor, 8 GB of RAM. I installed 12.04 on a brand new hard drive. I partitioned the hard drive between root, home and swap like I have often read how to do.

I cannot get this machine to properly shutdown. I have to hold the power button down now. Although, for the first few days it properly shutdown.

I also cannot get the system to hibernate or suspend properly. I have read tons on this and watched many YouTube tutorials on how to fix both, but the computer never wakes up after suspend or hibernate. It just stays on a black screen.

Can anyone help? I love 12.04 so far, but these setbacks are making me worried about stability and power management issues. Also, I wonder if it's really bad for the hard drive to force the CPU to shutdown.

Best Answer

By swap he means the swap partition. Swap or paging To check your swap partition, you could do one of these: Go to Ubuntu Software Center, and install gparted. There you can check all your disk partitions.

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