Ubuntu – I cannot get GRUB2 to boot in an Acer Spin SP315-51, and I need it, Dual-booting with Windows 10

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I recently got a new Acer-spin laptop, it has pre-installed Windows 10. I have installed Dual-boot Ubuntu before, just never using UEFI (always BIOS). I want to Dual-boot with Ubuntu 14.04, however when I finished installing (via Install alongside option NOT "Something Else". But the computer boots directly to Windows 10. So I have checked various forums now and this is everything I have tried:

Disabled Secure Boot
Disabled Fast Boot
Tried Boot-repair
Tried to boot from live usb Ubuntu and reinstall grub (however I was unable to keep up, when following error showed up "Cannot find EFI directory")

Any other suggestions??

Best Answer

I had forgotten about this post; anyhow, none of the usual answers worked for me. Instead there was an option in the UEFI menu that said "add option to UEFI boot" (or something along the lines of it) from there I was able to add the Grub menu. I hadn't seen this answer anywhere, I assume not many computers have it or simply don't require this option. Either way, thanks. I hope someone who comes across this finds it useful.

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