Ubuntu – I accidentally removed the ecryptfs-utils package. Now I cannot log in. Any chance to regain access to the home directory


I accidentally removed my ecryptfs-utils package using sudo remove ecryptfs-utils. Is there any way I could regain access to the home directory?

When I try to log in now I just get looped back to the login screen. I can open a tty terminal and all it says in the home directory is: Access-Your-Private-Data.desktop and README.txt

The README.txt file says:


From the graphical desktop, click on:

"Access Your Private Data"


From the command line, run:


I'm using Ubuntu 16.10.

Update: I tried to copy the ecryptfs files from /usr/share and /usr/bin on another machine and that didn't work. (I think I got some password incorrect errors). However, that machine was running Raspbian. I wasn't able to install from tty by downloading ecryptfs-utils for some reason, got some IP's not found errors, although the Internet connection seems to work otherwise.

Best Answer

I solved this after many many attempts over several months with rest in between. From login screen I went to TTY1 and logged in as sudoer. Then I could not install ecryptfs-utils for a long time which turned out to be caused probably by Ubuntu not supporting Wily anymore. So I went to /etc/apt/sources.list and changed all instances of the word wily to xenial and after that I could reinstall ecryptfs-utils. Maybe it's one of those things that shouldn't work but actually did.