Ubuntu – Howto configure MAAS to separate PXE traffic and IPMI traffic on different subnets


I am trying to set up a part of our network as a linux cluster. Since its a little educational for me, I choose using MAAS with JuJu. However there are some questions that boggle my mind and I was hoping that someone could clarify that for me.

The linux cluster I'm about to set up consists of 10 machines. Half of it Dell and the other HP. Both types of machines have a lights-out module (HP=>iLO2, Dell=>DRAC) that support IPMI on a seperate 100Mb NIC. They both support PXE on the first onboard gigabit NIC. I configured the lights out module with a static IP matching the physical layout of the racks and position height. Installing MAAS however didn't ask me on what subnet and vlan the IPMI protocol should be configured. How do I do this?

Also I want only the region controller to be able to contact the internet for package management. The other provisioned nodes should only be allowed to connect to the internet via a proxy on the region controller. So the region controller in my case should be configured with 3 subnets; 1 for internet, 1 for client protocol connectivity and 1 for cluster traffic. The region controller itself should also be a node for JuJu.

Then at last there is the node configuration that should have a sort of basic layout that can be used within JuJu. As far as I could see there is no possibility to set up cluster subnet configuration. Each machine has at least 4 NIC's that I like to assign the different subnets to; 1 for the IPMI traffic, 1 for the PXE boot traffic, 1 for the cluster traffic and 1 for the storage/client network. What I like to do is to bond all these interfaces together as one big trunk and then use VLAN's to separate the traffic before provisioning. Then when provisioning a node, MAAS should automagically configure the network interfaces as the layout suggests above.

Maybe what I'm looking for is a advanced configuration tutorial/guide for MAAS and JuJu.


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Maybe if you let install of Juju GUI to provide adequately more what type of network balancing you need then you could find your answer faster.

Using Juju with GUI

This advanced guides very close to your problem:
MAAS: Cluster Configuration
Additional Manual Configuration

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