Ubuntu – How tonstall 10.10 to an External Hard Drive


I recently got a used external hard drive from a relative, and decided that I would like to have a fresh system around, so I can program, etc. without all of my junk around. I downloaded the 10.10 installer, and burned it to a DVD. When I go through the installer, I don't find an option to switch which disk Ubuntu gets installed on, as in 10.04. Is this gone, and I need to use the long, complicated scripts that I am unable to use, as I don't have a working internet connection?

Right now, all I want is to have a simple yes/no about whether the drop-down menu for installing to a different drive is gone, or instructions on finding it somewhere else. A link to alternate (easy) installation methods would be appreciated if the menu is gone.

Don't think anyone will find this useful, but here is my setup:

  • Ubuntu 10.10 for PPC Live CD
  • eMac
  • Western Digital 160 GB Enhanced IDE Hard Drive (Model WD1600JB) connected by FireWire

Best Answer

Yes, you still have this option. When on "Allocate drive space" go to "Specify partitions manually".
This can help.
Here is the official guide for Ubuntu 10.10.
Here is the official guide for Ubuntu 16.04.

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