Ubuntu – How to zoom in & zoom out


While using 10.04 and the previous versions I used to put Ctrl+F6 to zoom in and subsequently Ctrl+F7 to zoom out. Now (using 11.10, Unity) I can't even find the options to zoom in and zoom out in the "keyboard shortcuts". I tried "the Magnifier" in the Compiz but really can't understand what is going on right there. There is simple question I would like to ask:

What to do so as to be able to zoom in with Ctrl+F6 and zoom out with Ctrl+F7?

Best Answer

Gnome Shell / Ubuntu 17.10+ : Magnifier

With GNOME Shell (instead of Compiz) as Window Manager (wmctrl -m):

  • Super+Alt+8: Toggle zoom enabled/disabled
  • Super+Alt++/-: To increase/decrease zoom.
    On some non-English keyboard layouts + won't work, try 0 instead.

Surprisingly, numpad +/- won't work.

You can change the shortcuts on Settings > Devices > Keyboard and zoom options on Settings > Universal access settings > Zoom:



Issue: Screenshot of an area (Ctrl + Shift + PrntScrn seems to be broken when zoom is enabled. It captures a region with an offset. Also, it doesn't start zooming where is the pointer.

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