Ubuntu – How to use Windows Alt codes in Ubuntu


This question was asked many times already:

Using ALT + Keycode for accents?

Ways to enter special characters? Is Alt+Numpad possible?

How can I type ASCII characters like Alt + numpad in Windows?

But none of the answers actually solve my problem. The proposed solution, using Ctrl+Shift+U is not answer to question how to use windows Alt codes.

After many months I have finally persuaded my mum to move from Vista to Ubuntu. But the Alt codes are not working there. Teach her to use the Unicode codes is not really a viable option.

Is there a way to enable the Alt codes in Ubuntu? If not native way, maybe recompiling keyboard driver, creating some wrapper, etc…

Again I'm not asking for the Unicode solution.

Best Answer

I'm very sorry to say but you want Ubuntu to be Windows, which is not going to happen tomorrow... :-(

Ubuntu is based on Linux, and although it has "windows" than can be dragged around a "desktop" and that it adheres to the CUA like Windows, it's just not the same thing! Asking for something and ruling out all possible answers is just going to leave you with an answer like this:

Sorry to be the harbinger of bad news, but what you're asking for is impossible...