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I reinstalled windows on the laptop of my daughter. Before doing this we made a copy of her music, pictures and so on on an external drive which was formatted in NTFS. Unfortunately, the folder we created for the backup was empty (I checked after I reinstalled windows). Today a miracle happened, as suddenly the data were back but when I tried to copy them to another place they disappeared again. Checking the external drive with disk utility I got the message "filesystem is not clean". Is there a way to recover the data? Preferred solution would be a tool with a gui. The drive I need to repair is formatted in NTFS and is connected via usb to laptop.

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If it is a linux partition (ext4)

Go into a LiveCD or LiveUSB, then run sudo fsck -t ext4 /dev/sda# (where sda# is the device and partition number for your drive). If you're unsure which to run this on, please feel free to include in your question the output of sudo fdisk -l, and I can help narrow down which one to check.

If it is a Windows or NTFS partition

If the drive is "NTFS" and its returning unclean, you should boot into Windows and run a chkdisk on that partition. Within Linux, if you run an fsck on NTFS, its likely to break something (NTFS is a windows format, so you should use windows chkdisk). The NTFS fsck, while it may find the general errors, may cause problems if you need to run the NTFS drive within Windows.

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