Ubuntu – How to use two different versions of wine on the same installation


I need to use two different Windows applications, one works well with Wine 1.4 but not on Wine 1.5 and the other application works well with the later version but not with the former.

Is there a way to have both versions of Wine installed, specifying which application should run with which Wine version?

Best Answer

PlayOnLinuxInstall PlayOnLinux

You can use PlayOnLinux to install applications which run on different versions of wine. PlayOnLinux provides an option of installing some libraries as well along with installation of a program.

To mange different versions of wine, go to Tools > Manage Wine Versions


If you want to add your custom compiled version of Wine to this list, create new wine "version" in ~/.PlayOnLinux/wine/linux-amd64 or linux-x86 and copy your custom installation there.

While installing an application you have an option of installing it a new virtual drive, in which you can install a different version of wine.