Ubuntu – How to use the Windows (Super) key


The Windows key seems to not have any use in Ubuntu, but since I'm just coming from Windows I'm used to this key having some function.
How can I make good use of the Windows key in Ubuntu?

I've seen that I can remap keys in System>Preferences>Keyboard>Layout>Options>Alt/Super key behavior, but I have no idea what the choices meta, super, hyper mean. The help button in this dialog doesn't give any specifics about them.

I've experimented a little and found that meta seems to have some use, like Super+M = Me menu, or Super+S is the shutdown menu, but for some keys (B, I) it's more like Ctrl (bold, italic). Haven't found any further.

What would a useful setting be for a Linux newbie?

Best Answer

Windows key tab is useful for compiz fusion toggling of windows. It's also a great key to assign to your own custom shortcuts due to it's general lack of use in the linux world.