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I ssh to a remote server from command line using key to not enter password at any time want to connect. I need to transfer some files to the server using gFTP software.

Is it possible to use ssh key to connect to a remote server via gFTP in Ubuntu?

Thank you.

Best Answer

Here are the steps how to setup gFTP to use SSH keys:

  1. In the FTP menu click on Preferences;

  2. Go to SSH tab;

  3. Fill the field SSH Extra Params with this value:

    -o IdentityFile=/home/<your user>/.ssh/id_rsa

    Change <user name> with your real username. Or use:

    -o IdentityFile=~/.ssh/id_rsa
  4. In gFTP's main window choice SSH2 as type of the connection;

  5. Enter the target Host name, or IP address;

  6. Setup the SSH Port of the target machine (if it's not the default - 22);

  7. Enter User for the SSH connection;

  8. Enter your SSH key's Passphrase (if there is some);

  9. Hit Enter.

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