Ubuntu – How to use snaps via the CLI and GUI


So, I have upgraded from my 15.10 to 16.04.
I have managed to install some snaps, but now I am wondering, how do I launch them? Typing their name in CLI did not help.

I tried:
ubuntu-core-launcher xkcd-webserver
But it gave me only this message:
Usage: ubuntu-core-launcher

I would like to know ways to use them both in CLI and GUI.

Best Answer

It depends on the type of application. Graphical apps should be launchable from the Dash. So for example, if you install the calculator app with:

sudo snap install ubuntu-calculator-app

You should be able to:

  1. Open the Dash by pressing the Super key or the Ubuntu button in the launcher

  2. Start typing the first letters of "Calculator"

  3. Click on the Calculator icon to launch the app

enter image description here

Note: if the icon does not appear in the Dash, you might need to log out and log back in. You should only need to do this the first time after you've installed snaps support on the desktop.

Alternatively, you can launch the calculator app from the command line:


Notice the syntax is $SNAPNAME.$COMMAND. If $SNAPNAME is the same as $COMMAND, as a shortcut you can simply run $SNAPNAME