Ubuntu – How to use GNOME Color Manager in Ubuntu 12.04


I need to correct colours displayed by my monitor. From the 'Ubuntu Software Center' I have installed the 'GNOME Color Manager', but I cannot use it for making my own colour profile: I have not found it (as usually with a new software) in the dash window to be able to run it (and possibly lock to the launcher) and see how to edit a colour profile by it.
From the page recommended, I have downloaded the file gnome-color-manager_3.4.0-1_i386.deb and double-clicked at its row in Krusader. Something installed for about 1 second (after previous sudo commands the system does not require the password), but I do not yet see how to run the program installed. Terminal commands that I guessed do not work: I tried e.g

tatatom@Katedrala:~$ gnome-color-manager 
gnome-color-manager: command not found 
tatatom@Katedrala:~$ gnome-color-manager_3.4.0 
gnome-color-manager_3.4.0: command not found
tatatom@Katedrala:~$ color
color: command not found
tatatom@Katedrala:~$ argyll
argyll: command not found

, though

tatatom@Katedrala:~$ krusader

works OK and the 'Ubuntu Software Center' shows that I do have the 'Color' 'GNOME Color Manager' installed, with a 'Color Management System, calibrator and profiler (argyll)' Add-on, and offers their removing.

Best Answer

The naming is indeed counterintuitive.
As per the colormanage documentation it can be either launched from the GNOME Preferences Menu or by invoking:

$ gcm-prefs --verbose

on the commandline.