Ubuntu – How to use Deja Dup on a password protected SMB share


How would I use Deja Dup to backup to a password protected SMB (on a samba server) share?

Note: not a duplicate, I put a bounty on my previous question, and nobody answered it after a month.

Best Answer

Here it is how it works for me:

  1. In Deja Dup open Storage tab and choose Windows Share from drop-down list.
  2. In Server enter ip address of your samba server.
  3. In Folder enter path to path to directory where you want to store your backup.
  4. In Username enter your samba username.
  5. In Domain Name enter domain in which your samba server resides.

The only problem is that Deja Dup wants password every time it makes a backup. I guess solution is to mount samba share using fstab.

Hope it helps.

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