Ubuntu – How to use Byobu keybindings in a nested remote session


I'm using Byobu (with Tmux, inside of gnome-terminal) and I have a problem with its keybindings (which I probably fail to understand).

I launch byobu, open a few windows then, from one of these windows, I ssh into another machine and launch byobu there. No matter if I press Ctrlc or Ctrlac, I'm not sure how to create and switch between windows in this remote session.

Note: if I enter ShiftF12 I can switch between windows using the Function keys in the remote session but this is less than ideal as I also need to switch between windows in the main session.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best Answer

I'm assuming that you configured byobu to use Ctrl-A as tmux's escape sequence.

The commands that you type in your terminal are first handled by your local tmux instance, then handled by the nested tmux session. This means you need to escape twice to go to the nested instance:

  • Ctrl-a c # opens a window in your local session
  • Ctrl-a Ctrl-a c # opens a window in your remote session

If the second line does not work, try (as pointed out by @artm)

  • Ctrl-a a c # second a without Ctrl