How to Use Android 2.1 Phone as Remote Audio Receiver with PulseAudio


I have an unused HTC Hero Android phone (running Android OS 2.1), I would like to connect it to audio amplifier and leave it connected for months, so I could use this android phone as remote pulseaudio server/receiver/etc.

There is "Remote Audio" application available on Android Market, that can grab stream from /dev/dsp. /dev/dsp has been disabled by mistake/whatever reason in ubuntu 10.10 and even after I enabled it as per this thread – after following these instructions it didn't help, so when I click Play/Pause button on my android – nothing really happens and mpg123 song.mp3 still uses my laptop speakers. last | head even doesn't show this new user logging in (I suppose it should appear here?)

Searching by "pulseaudio" I found Airbubble on Android market, but it says " does not work with RaopX on MacOS X and the raop module for pulseaudio on Linux." (c)

So is there a way to use Android phone as remote audio receiver, ideally not limited to playing mp3/music – but the Sound sub-system in general?

Surely I'm not the only man who wishes to broadcast audio to the android phone via wi-fi to listen it on proper speakers?

Best Answer

I think you're over-working the idea, trying to make your phone do something it was never intended to do (connect to PulseAudio or something even more low-level). Make your computer do the hard work.

I'd suggest going with something like Icecast (tutorial here) and using one of the 30-odd apps for Android that can stream it.