Ubuntu – How to use American English spelling dictionary in Firefox


My Firefox spellchecker was complaining this morning that I spelled 'neighbor' in the American English style, not the British English style ('neighbour'). Same is true for color (colour), analyze (analyse), etc. I've checked in the edit->preferences->content->language tab, and en-us is selected. I also found this link here:


Suggesting that there's some kind of system panel I can use to ensure that I've got the right language, but I can't see where that is (I guess that's for an older Ubuntu that let people get to system settings).

So either the dictionary for Firefox for en-us is corrupted, just a copy of the British English dictionary, or somehow the setting isn't propagated properly. How can I get the American dictionary back?

Best Answer

  1. In a text field, open a context menu by pressing the right mousebutton.
  2. Select Check Spelling if needed
  3. In the Languages menu, select English / United States

Firefox spellchecker

If this did not work, (re-)install the hunspell-en-us package.