Ubuntu – How to use a compressed ramdisk (ramzswap)? Huge speed gain


Since I don't use my laptop's CD-drive I want to put a small (8 GB) SSD into the CD-drive slot (I'll use a caddy similar to this one). I want to use compressed btrfs on the SSD and put all the data on the big HDD.
I want to avoid unnecessary spin-ups. I want the system to be fast… I want to minimize wearing of the SSD.

What tricks are there to use a compressed ramdisk wisely (using but not overusing it)?
How to enable it? What values are sensible?

Also see this post (I split my questions up).

Best Answer

For Natty and up just use zramswap. I've already baked sane defaults and automatic setup in there. In fact, it adapts to your system automatically and I really doubt you'll achieve better results by manual setup.

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