Ubuntu – How to upload a photo to imgur from the command line and get their direct link

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Is there a way I can upload some photos to imgur.com via the command-line and get their direct link as result in a text file?

Best Answer

The list of (mostly third-party) tools on the imgur website (http://imgur.com/tools) features three bash scripts:

  • Bart's Bash Script Uploader by Bart Nagel

    A simple bash script to upload an image to imgur from the commandline. Run imgur images/delicious/cake.jpg to upload, print the new URL to stdout, print the delete page URL to stderr and put URL on the X clipboard for easy pasting.

  • img Bash Script Uploader by Ceryn

    A minimalistic screenshot uploader for Linux. Supports screen selection.

  • Imgur-Screenshot by jomo

    A simple screenshot bash script for Linux and OS X. Just run the script and select a portion of your screen to upload. The direct link to the image is then copied to your clipboard.