Ubuntu – How to upgrade the Ubuntu 15.04 to Ubuntu 16.04


I currently have dual boot with Windows and Ubuntu 15.04

When I try to upgrade using Software Updater, it shows that your software is up to date.

I do not want to do it directly using external cd/usb with ubuntu 16.04 image.


Software Updater Upgrade Dialog Box

After clicking on upgrade button it closes and nothing happens.

Best Answer

Open a terminal window and type in

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo do-release-upgrade

Enter your admin password when prompted.

Note, the update and upgrade are to ensure your system is up to date before doing the release upgrade.

If the above doesn't work, ensure update-manager-core is installed in terminal with sudo apt-get install update-manager-core.

Using the GUI, launch Software Updater and click on the settings button.

Click on the update tab, it should look like this enter image description here

Make sure the option on the bottom is selected as seen in the picture (long-term support version). Apply changes and check for upgrades again.

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