Ubuntu – How to upgrade Nautilus in Ubuntu 14.04 Unity and Ubuntu based distros


I am currently running Ubuntu Unity 14.04.x and Zorin OS 9 (14.04.x based distro). Both OSs are running Nautilus 3.10.1. Recently, Nautilus 3.18.1 was released. This new version is not in the Software Center for upgrading. And, it appears that Nautilus is not being supported for updates/upgrades when new releases are made. I have downloaded the latest version. However, it is not in the usual "deb". It appears that latest version is not released by specific distro nor supported by Canonical or Ubuntu. So, how do I manually upgrading Nautilus? And, will Nautilus updates/upgrades every be supported?

Best Answer

You can't. Nautilus 3.18 isn't available for Ubuntu 14.04. Ubuntu 14.04 is too old, or the required libraries are too old. You could try it for yourself to compile. But you will not succeed. To use Nautilus 3.18 you need at least Ubuntu 15.10 with some additionally PPAs or wait for Ubuntu 16.04.