Ubuntu – How to update Ubuntu if the update servers are blocked


I connect to the Internet through my college wifi and for some weird reason they have blocked all Ubuntu updates, so I cannot update Ubuntu through the common "Update Manager" way.

So I was wondering if there was some other method to update Ubuntu, maybe manually download each package and then install them or download a DVD image which already has all the packages.

I have Ubuntu 11.10 installed currently.

Best Answer

Ubuntu uses HTTP to update, which is the same protocol used to access most websites (including Ask Ubuntu). Therefore, it seems likely that the particular server you're trying to upgrade from is blocked or (perhaps more likely) otherwise inaccessible due to network problems.

If this is the case, then updating normally with the Update Manager could succeed, if you change your mirror.

You can do this in the Ubuntu Software tab of the Software Sources window. Change the selection in the Download from drop-down menu.

enter image description here

One way to open the Software Sources window is by clicking Settings... in the Update Manager.

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