Google Chrome – How to Update the Development Version


I am running Ubuntu Maverick under VMWare on Windows to make sure the code I write works on various OSes and browsers. I don't use it as my primary operating system.

I can't figure out how to update Google Chrome dev channel I installed a while ago.

  • I can't do it via the "About Google Chrome" like in Windows.
  • Update manager lists 317 MB of updates and doesn't seem to let me search them or deselect or. They are not even in alphabetical order but I can't see Chrome in there.
  • Ubuntu Software Centre under Get Software/Google/google-chrome-unstable/More Info says "Version: 12.0.725-r80304" which would be the latest, but running Crhome, the "About Google Chrome" dialog tells me it is "11.0.686.1 dev"

What am I doing wrong? By the way is "unstable" a synonym for "dev" in Google Chrome. Ubuntu Software Centre only lists "beta", "stable", and "unstable" but not "dev".

Best Answer

Google Chrome in updated in Ubuntu via normal system update. The Unstable channel is actually the DEV Channel of Google Chrome.

Go to System -> Administration -> Update Manager and update your system and the Google Chrome would be updated to latest DEV release.

Or to selectively upgrade Google Chrome, run this command from the terminal:

sudo apt-get upgrade google-chrome-unstable
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