Ubuntu – How to update kernel to the latest mainline version without any Distro-upgrade


Currently I'm running Linux-3.0 and I want to update it to Linux-3.3.1 the latest stable kernel release as mentioned at http://www.kernel.org. Can I update to 3.3.1 in Ubuntu without any risk of crashes? I'm updating my kernel regularly as provided by the Update Manager..Currently I have Linux- I update?


The latest kernel version any user is supposed to use in Ubuntu is updated automatically via the Update Manager, so no action is normally required by user regarding kernel upgrades. What the question author is referring to is mainline kernel, see: Should I upgrade to the "mainline" kernels?

Best Answer

The simplest set of instructions I always used for kernel upgrade / downgrade are by ubuntuforums.org user by the name of lykwydchykyn (url modified by me for this post):

  1. Go here: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/
  2. Download 3 (maybe 4) debs to a folder somewhere:

    linux-image-extra-VERSION-NUMBER_amd64.deb   # if available
  3. Install the debs with whatever package manager front-end you use (is gdebi still around?), or use these commands:

    cd /path/to/folder/where/you/put/the/debs
    sudo dpkg -i *.deb


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