Ubuntu – How to uninstall (totally remove) tonido from Ubuntu 14.04


I recently installed Tonido in Ubuntu ,but It is not starting How to uninstall it?I followed these steps to install

sudo mkdir /usr/local/tonido  
cd /usr/local/tonido  
sudo wget http://www.tonido.com/download.php?tonido64.tar.gz  
mv download.php\?tonido64.tar.gz tonido64.tar.gz  
sudo tar -zxvf tonido64.tar.gz  
./tonido.sh start  

from this website

Best Answer

You haven't installed the application, only downloaded via wgetand extracted via tar and the script ./tonido.sh start installs nothing.

Therefore there is nothing to uninstall.

You could remove the misplaced archive in /usr/local/tonido.

sudo rm /usr/local/tonido/tonido64.tar.gz

and the extracted content. The archive doesn't contains a parent folder for tonido, therefore we can't delete a folder.

Remove the extracted files via

sudo tar tf tonido64.tar.gz | sudo xargs rm -r 2>/dev/null

Ok, I see now, you have created a folder /usr/local/tonido. You could also simply remove the folder /usr/local/tonido

sudo rm -r /usr/local/tonido
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