Ubuntu – How to uninstall NetBeans


Since I did not install NetBeans via the Software Center (I installed it as an .sh file) I can't see an easy way of uninstalling the program.

How can I safely uninstall the program?

Best Answer

  1. There will be a file named uninstall.sh in /usr/local/netbeans-x.x if you installed netbeans with root privilege. If you installed it with a normal user account the netbeans-X.X folder will be in your home directory. (Here x.x refers to the version number such as 6.9 or 7.2 etc)

  2. Open a terminal and go to netbeans' installation directory using cd command. Such as cd /usr/local/netbeans-x.x.

  3. Use 'su' to become superuser (type in your root password).

  4. Then execute uninstall.sh file with the command sh uninstall.sh.

Alternatively, You can double click on it and choose "run in terminal" option. You need to supply the password (admin user's) to do this.

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