Ubuntu – How to type half Hindi character with Hindi (Bolnagri) layout

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I'm using Hindi (Bolnagri) layout to type in Hindi. I'm typing in Hindi for first time.

My problem is, I want to type स्वाद. How do I type that half ?


How to type with this layout?


How to type र्श as in आदर्श?

Best Answer

To get half स you have to type स and then virama (hasnt) ् so that it looks like स् then type व. In Bolnagri the ् is typed by X.

To get और type Shift+Alt Gr+O and then R. Where Alt Gr is the Alt key on the right of Space Bar.

In general, where the picture below shows two columns of characters on the same key, the bottom row of the left column is entered by THAT KEY itself. The bottom row of the right column is typed by Alt Gr+THAT KEY. While Shift types the upper row characters.

Thus, Alt Gr+O results in ओ and Shift+Alt Gr+O results in औ.

To get र्श type R and then X and then Z.

Another example: आदर्श : Shift+Alt Gr+Aand then D and then R and then X and then Z.

The full Bolnagri kekboard layout is:

enter image description here

Also see Sanskrit fonts and half letters

For Ubuntu 16.04 and 17.04 you must install the right language support

Go to System Settings...> Language Support > Install Languages and install Hindi (or any other Indian language).

For older and newer versions of Ubuntu you can skip the above

Hope this helps.