Ubuntu – How to type all the math, stat, greek, equations EFFICIENTLY in libreoffice


I am preparing a report related to physics which is full of Greek, stat and calculus things, I know there is this question how to insert a Greek symbol, but my problem is I cant fiddle with a drop down/ scroll list for for every symbol(my paper in FULL of those), is there a way to do something with my keyboard layout, and turn it into something like the one Tony Stark uses in Ironman(I am not kidding please). I am literally tired for this fiddle-work for half of the day and have completed just 2 sheets, hmmm.

Best Answer

LaTex is the standard document markup language for scientific papers. It's pretty hard to get in to for beginners, but very much worth the effort. Given your time constraints I would advise you to do the following:

Use a combination of TexMaths (for LaTex integration into LibreOffice) and a LaTex GUI equation editor like Daum Equation Editor (requires Google Chrome / Chromium but works fine offline) to create your formulae.