Ubuntu – How to theme the Qt app to resemble one written in Gtk


Mark Shuttleworth recently blogged about the decision to include the Qt libraries in the 11.10 release, with a followup from Jono Bacon. The thing that puts me off Qt apps is that they don't blend in very well with Ubuntu's Gtk-based theme. I recently read an Ars Technica article that mentioned that, with a bit of effort, Qt apps could be make to resemble Gtk apps.

Is there any documentation that will help me do this, and if not, does anyone at least have any idea how one would go about doing this?

Best Answer

Note: this is useful to desktop users, not to developers using Qt.

sudo apt-get install qt4-qtconfig, then go to System / Preferences / Qt 4 settings and select GTK style in the first combobox:

Qt Configuration dialog