Ubuntu – How to tell a start up program to start minimized


Here is a quesion that has been bugging me. You know how you can set up a program to run on start up right? Well, how can i tell it to start minimized, like you would do in windows?

TeamViewer starts open, but I need it minimized, and Tray-it just doesn't seem as elegant of a way to do it.

Best Answer

You can use a tool called devilspie Install devilspie.

This tool can take actions as soon as programs are started, like sending to workspaces, pinning, and also minimizing. A tutorial is here.

  • To install it from the command-line run:

sudo apt-get install devilspie.

  • To configure it to minimize Teamviewer everytime it is executed:

    mkdir ~/.devilspie

Create a file called ~/.devilspie/teamviewer.ds and paste the following lines:

(is (application_name) "Teamviewer")  
(begin (minimize) )  

If you'd like a gui for easier configuration you should take note of gdevilspie Install gdevilspie

(if GDevilspie not starting try patched one).

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