Ubuntu – How to take screenshot of complete webpages


I have used shutter and screenshot applications for a long time for taking screenshots.But they can only take screenshots as big as the physical screen.

Sometimes I have to take an screenshot of an whole webpage,because the page can't be saved properly by the browser or I want to include pop-up's as well.This situation requires a software that can take a screenshot longer than the physical screen.

Is there any software to do this?

Note that this question and it's answers are about webpage saving apps.They won't save pop-up's, which is essential in my case.I don't want a converter.I need an literal screenshot app or anything that could save the pop-up's as well.

And I use Mozilla Firefox, because it has really nice plugins.The solution should be working fot Firefox itself.

Best Answer

On recent versions of Firefox, there is no need for any plugins. This capability is built into the browser.

  1. In Firefox, use Ctrl+Shift+F2 to open the Web Developer Console.
  2. Type :screenshot --fullpage (this will autocomplete, so :s Tab --fullpage will work).

That will save the screenshot as a PNG file to your downloads folder. By default, the filename includes the date and time. You can use a different filename if you wish, simply by passing it in on the CLI: :screenshot --fullpage my_name.png.

This will also work on pop-up windows, but each window will need to be saved individually. I know of no way to combine them into a single screenshot. (You could, of course, do that in GIMP or another image-editing tool later.)