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I am using Ubuntu 14.04. How can I sync my OneDrive account on Ubuntu 14.04?
I know that OneDrive is a Microsoft cloud storage service and that Linux is not supported.
But there is a a tool called "OneDrive-D". How can install and use "OneDrive-D"?

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As @terdon said Onedrive-D is still under development.
Alternatively you can use other cloud storage services.
Here is the instruction on how to install "OneDrive-D":

Step1: Download the program from GitHub.

Step2: Extract the contents of the .zip file and run the installer from “onedrive-d-master.”

For that Press Ctrl+Alt+T and execute:

cd ~/Downloads
unzip onedrive-d-old-future.zip
cd onedrive-d-old-future

Note 1: I used ls command to list files in that folder and to avoid mistakes in file names.SInce there is another new project for same purpose.

Note 2: onedrive-d need python-3. Refer here for prerequisites,but all necessary softwares will be installed ,during installation process.So no need to worry about prerequisites.

Step 3: After installation you will see message like this:

onedrive-d installed successfully.
Please run command `onedrive-pref` to set up the program.

Now open terminal and run: onedrive-pref


Open the link in browser and enter your user id and password.

you will see prompt like this :


Click on YES. Then copy the link and paste it in terminal.You will see message like this:

onedrive-d has been successfully authorized

Next,you need to adjust settings,if you want to keep default settings just press n .If you want to change press y and adjust.


(STEP 2/4) Do you want to specify path to local OneDrive repository? [Y/n] y
 Please enter the abs path to sync with your OneDrive (default: /home/[name]/OneDrive):
 Path successfully set.
(STEP 3/4) Do you want to change the numeric settings? [Y/n] n
 (STEP 4/4) Do you want to edit the ignore list file? [Y/n] n
 All steps are finished.

Finally ,onedrive-d --help for commands.

onedrive-d [command]

     start    Start the daemon.
     stop     Stop the daemon.
     restart  Stop then start the daemon.
     status   Get the status of the daemon.
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