Ubuntu – How to Sync OneDrive Business /Office 365 on Linux


Microsoft OneDrive Business/Office 365 Pro offers 1 TB of cloud storage but unfortunately there has never been a method to sync it on Linux.

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Ubuntu 18.04 and later

There is a OneDrive client in the default Ubuntu repositories in Ubuntu 18.04 and later. OneDrive is the cloud storage system of Microsoft. This package provides the command line client specializing in synchronizing with OneDrive cloud storage.

Install it with:

sudo apt install onedrive

At first run, it asks you to authenticate with a link. After authentication you can enable the deamon with systemctl --user enable onedrive and then systemctl --user start onedrive.

It will monitor and sync OneDrive data locally in ~/OneDrive. Further explanations can be found in the manpage man onedrive. It's very easy to setup, and only takes about five minutes.

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