Ubuntu – How to switch from Ubuntu 16.10 to Ubuntu 16.04?


I've accidentally installed Ubuntu from a 16.10 iso image instead of 16.04 and I do not want to reinstall it via a format…

Is there a way I can downgrade from 16.10 to 16.04?


I desire to have an LTS release as to guarantee a certain stability level, would downgrading to 16.04 be a waste of time since 16.10 would allow me such stability, or switching to 16.04 is the logical thing to do?

Best Answer

There is no way to downgrade. You can install 16.04 from scratch.

16.10 has not been released yet, and you can't expect stability from a development version.

Please also take in accont that questions about Ubuntu 16.10 are off-topic at this site till the end of October, when it is planned to be released.

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