X11RDP – How to Stream Audio via X11RDP in Ubuntu 12.04


How can i stream audio from ubuntu 12.04 server to wyse s10 terminals using X11RDP?!

Best Answer

As there is a proprietary implementation of fransferring of audio via a RDP connection on Windows (Audio Output Virtual Channel Extension) but this feature is not available from X11RDP server (or VNC as a sidenote), where only basic remote protocols such as screen, keyboard, or mouse are present.

To be able to get the sound output of the server sent to a client we therefore need an additional protocol. Provided we had installed pulseaudio on our Wyse OS this can be done by using pulseaudio's inbuilt network features. These are all nicely documented and listed here:

Pulse Audio Network Setup

The transfer methods may be set up by command line, or with a GUI using paprefs Install paprefs.

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