Ubuntu – How to stop green flashes when playing video


I have Ubuntu 15.10, running Gnome Retro/Flashback/Fallback… whatever it's being called right now. I also have Compiz.

When I play videos in either VLC or Gnome Media player, the screen frequently flashes green. Put another way, every now and again, the whole screen turns completely green, but just for one frame or so. Sometimes this happens multiple times within one second, other times it just happens once. The frequency of when this occurs is random, but I'd say on average as often as once every minute or so.

This seems to have started roughly when I upgraded to 15.10, though I can't say with absolute certainty that the upgrade was the dividing factor. Before around that time, video playback worked perfectly.

This only affects local video files I play. YouTube and other online videos seem to work fine.

I found some suggestions on the web for how to fix this. One was to open Compizconfig and check the box for "Force full screen redraws (buffer swap) on repaint". The other solution I tried was specific to VLC, and in preferences I unchecked the "Accelerated video output (Overlay)" box. Unfortunately, neither suggestion worked.

How can I eradicate green flickering from my videos?

Best Answer

From settings video output to OpenGL or something other than you are currently using.