Command-Line – How to Sort by Row from Terminal

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I was looking at this question and I wondered if the following could be done from terminal. I did it in python, just want to see if it could be done from terminal, bash scripting or whatever.

Suppose I have a file that looks like so:


could it be sorted like so, by rows (lines)


or is it too complicated? I did it using python, I just want to know if it could be done so next time I might not use python. What I have done, is creating lists and sorting them.

Best Answer

Here's another Perl approach:

perl -F, -lane 'print join ",",sort {$a<=>$b} @F' file.txt

And another shell/coreutils one (though personally, I prefer steeldriver's excellent answer which uses the same idea):

while read line; do 
    tr , $'\n' < <(printf -- "%s" "$line") | sort -g | tr $'\n' , | sed 's/,$/\n/';
done < file.txt