Ubuntu – How to show windows only from the current workspace in Unity switcher


I would like to make the window switcher (typically invoked with Alt-Tab) in Unity to show only windows from the current workspace. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best Answer

For 12.04

This is the default behavior now!

For 11.10:

This isn't currently possible, however there is a workaround that you can set that will display the applications in your current workspace first, which means you can Alt-Tab to it quickly without having to go through applications in your other workspaces. Though this doesn't limit the switcher to the current desktop but it at least puts the apps on that desktop first:


  1. Install the CompizConfig Settings Manager (CCSM).
  2. Then go to the Switcher tab and select "Bias alt-tab sorting ...." and make sure you check the box.

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