Ubuntu – How to share partition between Windows and Ubuntu


I'm getting a PC with Windows and I want to dual boot using Ubuntu as my primary OS.

I want to create a Home partition to store all my files and hopefully be able to access them on Windows 7 without having to manually mount the partition or anything.

I want to know what kind of partition should I create and if I can share my Home partition to simplify matters.


Best Answer

Instead of trying to access Ubuntu from Windows - why not just access Windows from Ubuntu? Windows support for EXT4 is slim at best - however, Ubuntu (and Linux) can easily read, write, and manipulate NTFS partitions. Simple add your Windows partition to your fstab file so it'll be mounted every time you boot then delete things like Music, Movies, Pictures, etc (Files that you want to share between the two OSes) Then create symlinks to their respective folders in the mounted Windows Partition.

By doing so all your files when saved in Ubuntu will actually be saved on your Windows partition so come the next time you need to reboot into Windows they will be there waiting for you.