Ubuntu – How to share files from Host to Guest in VirtualBox? Host-Ubuntu, Guest-Ubuntu


I have an Ubuntu 12.04 machine on which I have installed VirtualBox with Ubuntu 12.04 as the guest OS.

How can I share files between the host and guest?

I have installed the guest additions also but still it’s not able to mount the sf_shared folders if even it’s mounted. This means I'm unable to retrieve the file from the host.

Best Answer

I do not believe its possible to share files between the host and the guest without installing the extension pack first though I could be wrong on this.

You can find that here: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads

Check that the version of Virtualbox you have. Mine is 4.2.18 and double click the link

You should see something like this

enter image description here

Click OK and let it install.

Next step create a folder on your host machine as as share area

I've created one called VboxShare in my home directory.

enter image description here

First, make sure that your virtual machine is powered off.


Then, go into settings for your virtual machine, select shared folders then the plus icon to create a shared folder and fill in the details set it to auto mount.

enter image description here

Click OK then start your guest.

Job Done the shared folder appears on you guest machine as


enter image description here

There is only one more step add any user in your guest system that needs access to the folder to the group vboxsf:

sudo adduser $USER vboxsf

Log out and back in, everything should work fine now.