Ubuntu – How to set up an APT repository


I would like to set up an APT repository on a server that will provide a couple of packages.

Is there a way to set one up without installing any software on the server?

How do the files have to be organized?

Edit: I must be doing something wrong… can someone please help me? I have the repository at http://quickmediasolutions.com/apt/dists

I'm not sure where or what, but something's misconfigured. I only currently have one package and it's for all architectures.

Here's what's been added to my /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb http://quickmediasolutions.com/apt stable main

Best Answer

Setting up a trivial repository is very easy using dpkg-scanpackages. This page explains how to set up a trivial repo, and this one explains how to use it (scroll down to example 4).

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