Ubuntu – How to set the system to suspend when inactive to a longer amount of time


I run Mythtv on some Ubuntu 11.10 based machines.

In the power settings, I can choose from a list of time periods from 5 minutes up to 1 hour for the the machine to suspend when inactive. I would like to set the suspend to occur at a longer interval, like 2 hours or 4.

Previously with Gnome, I would think that I could go into the gconf editor and find the key there, I am not sure with Unity where to override a setting like this.

Any suggestions?

Best Answer

You can try with dconf-editor. If you don't find it install it with

sudo apt-get install dconf-tools

then run it searching for dconf Editor in Dash or typing dconf-editor from the alt+f2 command line. The power settings are stored in

org → gnome → settings-daemon → plugins → power

To set the timeout when plugged in change the sleep-inactive-ac-timeout option, to set the timeout when on battery change sleep-inactive-battery-timeout.

These options are indicated in waiting seconds before suspend (so a value of 14400 will suspend the system after 4 hours).

dconf-editor in ubuntu