Ubuntu – How to set the hotkey Print to Rectangular Region in Spectacle


For the Kde Spectacle Tool, I want to set the hotkey Print to replace Meta+Shift+Print for a rectangular region screenshot.

For reference: https://docs.kde.org/trunk5/en/kdegraphics/spectacle/starting.html

Best Answer

I'm assuming you're on Kubuntu 18.04. This answer is based on Kubuntu 18.04.

Open System Settings > Shortcuts > Custom Shortcuts.

System Settings

In there, click on the arrow-head, circled in red, to the left of Screenshots to see the available default actions.

Screenshot actions

You'll see that Print starts the screenshot tool

Print action

and that Meta+Shift+Print takes a screenshot of a rectangular area

Rectangular selection

Now, to use Print to take a rectangular screenshot area, you first need to free up the Print key.

To do so,

  • go back to Start Screenshot Tool
  • click on the Trigger tab
  • click within the the box next to Shortcut
  • then simultaneously press Control+Shift+PrintScreen
  • click Apply in the lower right corner of the window.

Next, re-assign the trigger for Take Rectangular Region Screenshot the same way but just press the PrintScreen key and click Apply.

Now, whenever you press the PrintScreen key, you'll be prompted to select a rectangular area.

Using PrintScreen key to take a rectangular area screenshot