Ubuntu – How to set new bridges for tor


I installed tor by sudo apt-get install tor and get 3 following bridges via email:

obfs4 79357DD63FD91089513B4E58E7B7066A3E8558CC cert=VM5mFtvtLLyCMw3M0vmd/T5lytxJrJre59RjxT+2U2zv1ZhjvVo3TksbEQReco9aNw8dbg iat-mode=0
  obfs4 7133823DAFAA2461D15AABA2CB02F15ED66B1477 cert=MoSy4wBUhFswtqtfq8HlC06i9rny4+a5wP6CblKCbDtzn2lEwlaxVF+4fFoOMW92nVlVcw iat-mode=0
  obfs4 17DDDE22E494F3BF14E5FB01165F28FEDE7EEC9C cert=0TJYrc07J6jSMjk8WVLuGGTmEKm3BYkYxE07nZLvwsnBF47kUMxwoH3ECxUDkIRptuHzDA iat-mode=0

Tried to append them to /etc/tor/torrc, but when i want to restart tor, it cant and has some problem?
How can I use them? Don't want to use tor-browser, I want to use torify in terminal!

I also have some problem about googling about this problem because related topics are blocked in my area.

Thanks in advance.

Best Answer

I know that you asked this some time ago, but try to add the following code in your /etc/tor/torrc file:

UseBridges 1

This will activate the use of bridges. I had this very problem recently, I added this command in the tor config file and it started using bridges again.

Try it.

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