Ubuntu – How to set a shortcut to screenshot a selected area


In gnome's screen shot program, the quick keys PrtScn captures the entire screen and alt+PrtScn captures the active window. Is there a way to script or set up the third capture option of a selected area?

Update: I don't seem to have this key already mapped…
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Best Answer

  1. Open System Settings -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts
  2. Select Custom Shortcuts(you can go to Screenshot-s too and it will work)
  3. Click +
  4. Fill fields
    • Name to Take a screenshot of area
    • Command to gnome-screenshot -a or shutter -s(if u prefer shutter)
  5. Click OK
  6. Double-click on what you make and set shortcut Shift+PrtSc

— And that's all ... ;)

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