Ubuntu – How to set a shortcut for “Always on Top” for window


In 12.04 (Unity), I would like to assign a shortcut to the "always on top option" for a window. Probably something like Ctrl+Shift+Home to turn on and Ctrl+Shift+End to turn off, or whatever. Is there an option to do this somewhere in the Compiz Settings Manager?

This (old) post claimed that

For compiz, Enable Extra WM Actions. Check the properties, and insert ALT+A to Key field for Toggle Always-On-Top action.

But I couldn't find that.

Best Answer

It should work on every Ubuntu OS since version 9.04 without installing anything, modifying of creating any shortcuts.

Try Alt + Space, T

  • Alt + Space as the first shortcut brings up the right-click mouse menu

  • T selects the "Always On Top" function.