Ubuntu – How to set a .mp4 as a Wallpaper


Is there a way to set an mp4 as an ubuntu wallpaper? Or any other format as long as it is an animation?

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Well, it depends on what you're willing to do.

You can actually set your background as the video that's playing in VLC. Granted, you'll have to have VLC playing constantly and have the video on loop, but you'll get the desired effect.

There's also the side affect that you lose your icons, but if you don't have icons on your desktop (like me) that's not a big deal.

Using VLC:

Just launch VLC from the terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) via cvlc --video-wallpaper --no-audio /path/to/your/video

As a note, I took this information from this question. This question could be a duplicate of that.

Here's a quick video showing what VLC does:


You're going to see the VLC title bar, so it's not the most perfect of solutions, but it's something.

Using XWinWrap & Mplayer:

Another option is to follow the steps given in this tutorial here. I haven't actually tried this myself, so I can't vouch for the success in any newer versions.

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