How to Select GRUB Install Device


I apologize in advance for asking a question I suspect is very, very simple. I just got a dedicated server running Ubuntu and I'm using SSH to access it. I ran sudo apt-get dist-upgrade and got the following error message: "The Grub boot loader was previously installed to a disk that is no longer present or whose normally unique indentifier was changed for some reason. It is important to make sure that the installed grub stays in sync with other components such as the grub-cfg or with newer linux images it will have to load, and so you should check again, to make sure that GRUB is installed to the appropriate boot devices."

The forum won't let me post an image since I'm a new user, but I uploaded a screenshot of what I'm seeing here:

After a bit of research, I know I need to install to /dev/sda. However, I can't figure out how to select that option. I used the arrow keys to highlight it, then pressed enter, but that didn't work. I assume there's some command which I am not familiar with. Can anyone help me out? Again, my apologies for a stupid question…


Best Answer

Use Spacebar! That's the way to select in ncurses :)

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