Ubuntu – How to run command in an already opened terminal through a shell script

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I'm running a shell script.sh which is supposed to open terminal and then run some commands in this opened terminal. What happens is that the terminal starts but the following commands are not executed in this terminal. If anyone can please tell me how after openening the terminal through this script.sh to run in it some other commands.
This is is my script.sh file:

gksu -u userA /usr/bin/gnome-terminal PACKAGE_PATH=/home/userA/package1; cd /home/userA/scripts

so the first command gksu -u userA /usr/bin/gnome-terminal opens a terminal instance, I'm asking how to run the two following commands PACKAGE_PATH=/home/userA/package1 and cd /home/userA/scripts in this opened terminal instance using the script.sh


after applying muru's suggestion this is what I used:
gnome-terminal -x sudo -u userA bash -c 'PPACKAGE_PATH=/home/userA/package1:/home/userA/package2:$PACKAGE_PATH; cd /home/userA/scripts; source varset.sh; bash'
but it is not run in the same sequence I put it.

The first line appears in the terminal is a message which is found in variables.sh (although this should be the third command to run) and the other thing is that none of the variables that should be set using this varset.sh is set, for example when I use echo $var1 (which is found in variables.sh) is display nothing which means the variables is not set the only thing that works in variables.sh is the echo message displayed.

The second line that appears in the the directory is the terminal working directory which is set to the /home/userA/scripts.

The third thing is that this command PACKAGE_PATH=PACKAGE_PATH=/home/userA/package1:/home/userA/package2:$PACKAGE_PATH which sets the $PACKAGE_PATH variable is not working.

So if anyone could please advise how to run this command in this sequence and to set the variables on the first command and variables in the varset.sh shell file.

Best Answer

I'd suggested the following as a way to keep the shell open:

gnome-terminal -x sudo -u userA bash -c 'PACKAGE_PATH=/home/userA/package1:/home/userA/package2:$PACKAGE_PATH; \
  cd /home/userA/scripts; \
  source varset.sh; \

However, the last bash won't be affected by the assignment of $PACKAGE_PATH or from source varset.sh if they aren't exported.


gnome-terminal -x sudo -u userA bash -c 'export PACKAGE_PATH=/home/userA/package1:/home/userA/package2:$PACKAGE_PATH; \
  cd /home/userA/scripts; \
  source varset.sh; \

with varset.sh exported should do the trick.