Ubuntu – How to run a script when suspending/resuming? – Sony VAIO Ubuntu 12.04


Question: How to assign a script to run when selecting the suspend option on the power menu?

I have a Sony VAIO laptop with an AMD Radeon graphics card. I would like to be able to disable/enable the discrete graphics card. I have no problem in doing this but it causes problems when suspending & resuming from suspend.

When the session is resumed from suspend (with the discrete DPU disabled), the fan will spin up uncontrollably, what I would like to do is edit the suspend script or assign a new script to the suspend option on the power menu. This is so I can re-enable the GPU before suspending.
Power Menu

After some research I think it has something to do with the files in /etc/pm/sleep.d/?

If I put a custom script in there would it be run when suspending and resuming from suspend?

How do I differentiate in the script between suspending/resuming?

Best Answer

You are right. You have to write a script and save it to /lib/systemd/system-sleep/ (since 2015 systemd take care of that, before was /etc/pm/sleep.d/). The difference between suspending and resuming is given as a parameter to the script:


case "$1" in
        # executed on suspend
        # executed on resume

If you also want to do it for hibernate, the arguments would be hibernate and thaw.